Unique alliance of two winemakers

Four-hands creations

The Concept

DIVINEO is the brainchild of a group of innovative and exploratory friends, all committed entrepreneurs who share a passion for meeting new people, and whose aim was to turn their idea of four-hands winemaking into reality.

The project emerged from a meeting with independent artist-winemakers, all supporters of organic farming, who encouraged them to break the traditional codes of wine to create a new premium offering: the alchemy of great French wines conceived by four hands. A new approach to blending terroirs, grape varieties and talents to create pleasurable cuvées, with a unique combination of freshness and intensity.

Thanks to an innovative, free-spirited approach, DIVINEO stands out for its vision of freedom and permanent sharing, with no concessions on quality.

in Burgondy

Born in

To make this collective work a reality, they set up an atypical 20-hectare vineyard in a forgotten valley cultivated in agroforestry, team up with the best specialists and open the project up to a collective of enlightened wine lovers: the Affranchis Wine Club.


“I was born free and with an exploratory soul, from the passion of 6 entrepreneur-friends who wanted to break the codes of wine.

I was born in the Languedoc region, in the heart of a valley that is a precursor of organic farming, at the hands of a winegrower who is an expert in plants. I then grew up in Burgundy, where artists in winemaking and aging revealed my full potential in their cellars.

This creative blending of regions, grape varieties and expertise is my duality, my difference: the divine alliance of power and finesse, to multiply the pleasure of tasting.

Reserved for a group of enthusiasts federated around a Club, my rare and refined cuvées offer you a new world of sensations : that of tomorrow’s great French wines!


Four-hands creations.