The DIVINEO vineyard


The vineyard

Located in Saint-Mamert-du-Gard in the Languedoc region, the DIVINEO vineyard covers 20 hectares cultivated in agroforestry 


The vineyard enjoys exceptional climatic and geographical exposure. The plots of land in the Robiac Valley are ideally located behind the Cévennes mountains, allowing the Mistral wind to cool the valley and considerably reduce the average temperature throughout the year 


The valley where the DIVINEO vines are cultivated have historically been used for viticulture, but have never received chemical treatments. This clean, pristine terroir enbles us to produce healthy grapes and to make lively wines with a unique character 


The living corridors of vegetation we create help to develop biodiversity and to combat the disadvantages of monocultures. The Camargue horses you see in Robiac won’t deny it!