BSB School of Wine and DIVINEO: A lasting partnership

We already told you about it a few weeks ago in this article. In 2024, DIVINEO and BSB School of Wine (the “wine” branch of the Dijon business school) are continuing their partnership for the third year running. In December, we went to present our project to students from the “CIVS“, one of the world’s leading courses in international wine trade. We asked them to set up four working groups on different DIVINEO development projects.

BSB School of Wine 2024 partnership

And no fewer than 14 students from the BSB School of Wine have volunteered to take part in this stimulating and rewarding adventure. For several weeks, they have been working on these issues, coached by DIVINEO Founders and Ambassadors who bring their experience and specific knowledge.

Ten days ago, we brought together all the students and mentors at BSB School of Wine. Everyone was able to discover the great progress made by each group. It was a great opportunity to think collectively, to come up with new ways of thinking and new ideas. But also to share a convivial moment, just as we like it!


The four groups from BSB School of Wine work respectively on :

  • A flagship project in Burgundy dedicated to DIVINEO. The aim is to offer wine lovers a modern, fun wine tourism experience.
  • Marketing and distribution strategy for in France and abroad.
  • Communication and media strategy to boost DIVINEO’s reputation.
  • The internalization of part of our production, particularly the winemaking side.

These are all major topics for DIVINEO, enabling students to enrich their curriculum and acquire professional skills that will be extremely useful in their future careers. Many thanks to the students and to BSB School of Wine for their involvement! We look forward to meeting them again in a few weeks’ time to discover the final presentations.

DIVINEO, four-hands creations