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DIVINEO partners the Gault & Millau Tour

We are very grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Gault & Millau on the presentation of their gastronomic guide dedicated to Burgundy Franche-Comté. Two prestigious events enabled us to introduce our wines to important players on the region’s gastronomic scene.

DIVINEO at the Gault & Millau Tour
Victor Feltz-Levieux (Sales Manager) and Gauthier Girardon (General Manager) at Château d’Arcelot

On Sunday evening, our cuvées accompanied the remarkable cuisine of Thomas Collomb (Gault & Millau d’Or 2024) at the Rôtisserie du Chambertin (in Gevrey-Chambertin). Syrah Sauvage, Insolente Grenache, Éclipse Blanche and Pétale de Grenache took pride of place at this dinner.

Then, the next day, we were at Château d’Arcelot, near Dijon, for the Gault & Millau trophies. Several of the region’s restaurateurs received awards for their talent and expertise. Click here to see the list of winners. At the same time, we gave guests the opportunity to discover our wines at our tasting stand. Thanks to this privileged exposure, we were able to have particularly interesting exchanges with all the participants.

Our General Manager Gauthier Girardon also had the pleasure of presenting the Gault & Millau trophy for Best Sommelier. It went to Catherine Fassenet, from Château du Mont Joly in Sampans.

Gauthier Girardon presents Catherine Fassenet with the Best Sommelier trophy

It was an honor to be able to offer our wines for tasting to some of the great talents on the Franc-Comtois and Burgundy gastronomic scene. We were thus able to further strengthen our ties with the region in which our partner winemakers raise DIVINEO cuvées. Our warmest thanks to Gault & Millau for their confidence. Thanks also to all the participants, whom we were delighted to meet.

DIVINEO, four-hands creations

Photo credits: Hugo Clair for Gault & Millau

DIVINEO launches its online store

The entire DIVINEO range is now just a few clicks away in our online store! We’re delighted to be able to offer a convenient and simplified shopping experience, accessible by clicking here.


The launch of the online boutique is accompanied by a new offer. Namely, the discovery case, which concentrates all the essence of DIVINEO with its 6 emblematic cuvées. Inside this pack, you will find three white wines, two red wines and our rosé. Fusion Blanche, Insolente Grenache, Pétale de Grenache, Syrah Sauvage and Syrah de Robiac come together for a unique sensory voyage!

Discovery pack online store DIVINEO

Purchases made from our online store can be delivered within mainland France. We work with logistics providers specialized in wine transport (Logivin and Geodis). We guarantee the best transport conditions for your orders.

With this online boutique, we’ve taken an important step! It’s one more step in our drive to make our wines known and loved by as many people as possible.


And we haven’t forgotten those who prefer to buy their bottles in person. An interactive map of our retailers is also available on the site. So everyone can find DIVINEO at wine shops, restaurants and bars near them. A great way to find your favorite vintages before ordering them from the online boutique.

Check this page regularly! As more and more establishments are offering our cuvées, we update this map frequently.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our online store!

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Eclipse Blanche shines at Decanter World Wine Awards

Eclipse Blanche Decanter Awards score

A few months ago, we entered our Eclipse Blanche cuvée in the Decanter World Wine Awards, one of the world’s most influential wine competitions. Decanter, the competition organizer, is itself one of the leading international wine media.

243 prestigious judges tasted Eclipse Blanche, including 20 Master Sommeliers and 61 Masters of Wine, alongside 18,000 other wines from 57 countries.

It scored a remarkable 91/100. This places it in the category of “high quality wines, with allure and personality”, according to Decanter Awards’ ranking.


We’re particularly proud of Eclipse Blanche’s result at Decanter Awards. Indeed, this cuvée is the fruit of real risk-taking and craftsmanship on the part of our winemakers.

Clodéric Prade carefully and passionately cultivated the Grenache noir from which this wine is made. Nicolas Perrault then vinified it with the utmost precision in his Burgundy cellars. The result is an intense, fresh white wine with an unmistakable style. Its coppery hue and fine bitter finish immediately win us over.

The Decanter Awards judges describe it thus. “A rich, fragrant nose of old roses, guava, pear and peach, and a creamy, textured palate”.

We’re delighted to have been able to prove that a wine off the beaten track can stand out in a major official and international competition such as the Decanter Awards. A “Vin de France” (generic wine) therefore has the capacity to match, even surpass, some of the greatest appellations.

Find Eclipse Blanche in our new online boutique by clicking here.

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Our environmental commitments – Part 2: Winemaking

Last week, we took you on a tour of the vineyards to show you the steps we’ve taken to limit our impact on the environment and natural resources. But our commitments don’t stop in the vineyard. They continue in the Burgundy cellars of our winemakers, during the winemaking process, and right up to the delivery of our wines to you.

Cellar winemaking barrels


Our Burgundy winemakers may each have their own style of winemaking, but they share a common philosophy. They choose to intervene as little as possible in their cuvées, and let time and nature sublimate them. Thanks to their patience and rigorous monitoring of the vinification process, they succeed in preserving the authenticity and typicity of the Languedoc terroir from which their wines are made. All the while adding a touch of Burgundy thanks to traditional methods focused on naturalness.


Our winemaker-artists opt for indigenous yeasts. These are yeasts that come directly from the terroir, as opposed to so-called “selected” yeasts. This enhances the biodiversity and uniqueness of the plot where the grapes were born.

What’s more, our winemakers minimize the amount of sulfur in the wines they mature. Occasionally, very small quantities are added if necessary to preserve the wine. But the winemakers do their utmost to ensure that the winemaking process is as natural as possible, with no added products.


The vast majority of our dry materials (bottles, corks, labels, etc.) come from France, with the rest coming from other European countries. Winemaking, printing and labeling, bottling, waxing, storage… all take place in Burgundy. So, once the grapes have traveled from the vineyard to the cellars, the circuits are very short. Finally, we use exclusively plastic-free packaging to limit our ecological footprint.

So that the only impact we have is on your senses !

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DIVINEO’s actions to protect the environment

Part 1 : In the vineyard

Our commitment to protecting nature

If freedom, high standards and sharing are the three fundamental values of DIVINEO, we could add protection of the environment to this list. Both in the vineyard and in the cellar, we do our utmost to limit our impact and preserve the ecosystems and resources that surround us.

Today, let’s head for the vineyard to discover our commitments and responsible practices.

DIVINEO vines white grapes nature protection


Our winegrower Clodéric Prade works in agroforestry. Numerous trees flourish around our vineyards. They provide a precious habitat for local fauna: insects, birds, rodents… And provide them with vital resources. In addition, the presence of trees enriches the soil, helping to protect living organisms.


By banning pesticides and herbicides, we protect soil quality. In fact, we’ve never used chemicals on any of our plots! It’s a rare opportunity that we’re determined to preserve. Agroforestry also limits the impact of climatic extremes on the soil. In winter, Clodéric spreads “mulch”, a layer of shredded wood (from pruning the vines). This enriches the soil with nutrients and encourages the growth of new life. Thanks to these efforts, the vines produce quality grapes year after year.


The natural conditions in our vineyards are very favorable. They provide our vines with the water they need. So there’s no need for irrigation! What’s more, the care we take with the soils means that water infiltrates better. The vines therefore have good reserves from which to draw, all the more so as our preserved plots enjoy a cool micro-climate.

DIVINEO Languedoc vineyard

In this way, guided by agorforestry and organic farming, we can obtain high-quality, aromatic grapes that perfectly represent their terroir of origin. All in a sustainable approach that protects the living. See you next week for the continuation of our environmental commitments, this time in the winery.

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DIVINEO takes off for Denmark!

DIVINEO enters the Danish market

On Monday February 5, we were pleased to take part in the Vinopass trade show at the Hotel Zoku in Copenhagen, Denmark’s charming capital. This event showcasing French wines welcomed 10 exhibitors and no fewer than 70 Danish importers.

Those we met were unanimous in their appreciation of the quality and uniqueness of DIVINEO wines. The intimate, authentic atmosphere of the show also enabled us to share with them our history, our commitments and our values. And that seems to have won them over in particular! It’s fair to say that the show was a success, since Danish importers are a privileged gateway to this highly promising market.

As our production volumes increase, we are looking to establish DIVINEO internationally, in the most strategic markets for the style of wine we offer. We are convinced that the originality of our wines and our project have the capacity to conquer many countries. We’ve already been able to list some of our cuvées in establishments in Germany, China and Canada. And we don’t intend to stop there, hence our presence in Denmark!

But why is Denmark such an interesting market? Because haute gastronomy is developing at breakneck speed there. There are already over 30 Michelin-starred restaurants in this small, but highly developed country known for its happy people. What’s more, French wines are a popular accompaniment to meals in these fine establishments. So we’re keen to seize this opportunity, which is very much in line with our positioning. We hope to see DIVINEO on restaurant menus and in Danish wine shops soon!

Many thanks to Vinopass, Hotel Zoku, visitors and other exhibitors for a perfectly organized show, rich in encounters. We’ll be sure to keep you informed of all DIVINEO’s future international adventures!

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BSB School of Wine and DIVINEO: A lasting partnership

We already told you about it a few weeks ago in this article. In 2024, DIVINEO and BSB School of Wine (the “wine” branch of the Dijon business school) are continuing their partnership for the third year running. In December, we went to present our project to students from the “CIVS“, one of the world’s leading courses in international wine trade. We asked them to set up four working groups on different DIVINEO development projects.

BSB School of Wine 2024 partnership

And no fewer than 14 students from the BSB School of Wine have volunteered to take part in this stimulating and rewarding adventure. For several weeks, they have been working on these issues, coached by DIVINEO Founders and Ambassadors who bring their experience and specific knowledge.

Ten days ago, we brought together all the students and mentors at BSB School of Wine. Everyone was able to discover the great progress made by each group. It was a great opportunity to think collectively, to come up with new ways of thinking and new ideas. But also to share a convivial moment, just as we like it!


The four groups from BSB School of Wine work respectively on :

These are all major topics for DIVINEO, enabling students to enrich their curriculum and acquire professional skills that will be extremely useful in their future careers. Many thanks to the students and to BSB School of Wine for their involvement! We look forward to meeting them again in a few weeks’ time to discover the final presentations.

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The secrets of making a blanc de noirs

The secrets behind Eclipse Blanche, our blanc de noirs

Last week, we unveiled our latest creation, Éclipse Blanche, a white wine made from black grapes (which is called a “blanc de noirs”). This may have intrigued you: why the desire to create this type of wine? How was Éclipse Blanche made? What role did the three winemakers play? This article is here to answer all your questions.

Grenache noir used to make a blanc de noirs

Éclipse Blanche was born of the desire to offer an incomparable wine that perfectly reflects the bold, innovative spirit of DIVINEO. And to open up new worlds of sensations, there’s nothing better than turning to a very unusual style of wine, especially for a still wine: blanc de noirs.


Most black grapes have white juice. This is the case with Grenache noir, from which Éclipse Blanche is made. The color pigments (called anthocyanins) are only contained in the skin. When making red wine, these pigments color the juice as they macerate and ferment together, before being pressed. To obtain a blanc de noirs, contact between skin and juice must be limited. So, the pressing stage must come first, to separate them as quickly as possible. This must be done very gently to prevent the juice turning red or pink.

The resulting juice is then vinified and aged in exactly the same way as a white wine. But it retains a particular structure and style because of its origin. All this requires a great deal of precision and expertise.


For Éclipse Blanche, we added an extra challenge: to create it not with four hands like our other cuvées, but with six. Clodéric Prade, our Languedoc winemaker, grew the Grenache Noirs, which then traveled to Burgundy. There, they were divided between Julien Petitjean and Nicolas Perrault, who vinified them separately. Then, after a year and a half’s ageing, they blended their cuvées to produce a complex wine, a unique blend of talents and regions. Nicolas Perrault (Domaine Nicolas Perrault, Dezize-les-Maranges) signs his first cuvée for DIVINEO.

DIVINEO, four-handed creations

ECLIPSE BLANCHE 2022: A cuvée like no other

The time has finally come to present our long-awaited new 2022 cuvée. And as promised, we’ve pushed back our limits in terms of originality and uniqueness. Discover Eclipse Blanche, our white wine made from black grapes.

As you know, daring and taking risks to open up new worlds of sensations are part of DIVINEO’s DNA. After creating several cuvées of whites, reds and even a rosé that isn’t quite a rosé (see here), we set ourselves the challenge of making a white wine from the Grenache noir grape.

It was not two, but three winemakers who brought this idea to life, and gave birth to Eclipse Blanche. First of all, Clodéric Prade, our Languedoc winemaker, who cultivated and harvested the Grenache Noir, guided by his agroforestry principles. Then two winemakers, Julien Petitjean and Nicolas Perrault (who owns an estate in Dezize-les-Maranges). Nicolas signs with Eclipse Blanche his first cuvée for DIVINEO. They matured their wines separately for a year and a half, each with their own touch and know-how, before blending them to bring out the best in each.

The result is a wine that offers unique sensations, with a fine balance between freshness and deliciousness. We love its beautiful golden color with copper highlights, its citrus and pear aromas, and its saline finish with fine bitters. It is with great pride that we are now making available 10,000 bottles of this off-the-beaten-track cuvée.

Wondering how we managed to create a white wine from black grapes? Join us next week to discover all the secrets behind Eclipse Blanche!

DIVINEO, four-handed creations

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PÉTALE DE GRENACHE 2022 : A rosé that doesn’t claim to be one


Last week, we let you rediscover Fusion Blanche and Insolente Grenache 2022, two white cuvées that were already part of our 2021 range. But thanks to increased volumes and the expansion of our team of winemakers, we were also fortunate in this 2022 vintage to be able to innovate, take on new challenges and offer new wines with even greater freedom. We wanted to create a rosé, a type of wine symbolizing conviviality, lightness and happy moments. But we also wanted DIVINEO rosé to be a gastronomic wine with a distinctive style, just like our whites and reds. And so Pétale de Grenache was born, a rosé we don’t really think of as such.

Pétale de Grenache 2022 rosé


Already, its color is unusual for a rosé : a deep pink like grapefruit juice. Bright and clean, it arouses curiosity. The nose is highly aromatic, with redcurrant, citrus, violet and jasmine. On the palate, a unique alliance of gourmandise and freshness is revealed. Pétale de Grenache is full-bodied, with candy-like acidity. Drink well chilled and aerate before tasting. This rosé can be drunk as an aperitif or with fine dishes (fish, poultry, Mediterranean vegetables, tasty cheeses…). As a bonus, it’s available in 75cL and magnum formats to suit every occasion.


Pétale de Grenache is a four-handed creation. It is the fruit of the work and expertise of our Languedoc winegrower Clodéric Prade, who cultivated the Grenache noirs from which this rosé is made, and our Burgundy winemaker Julien Petitjean. A 14-month ageing period has given this cuvée its distinctive characteristics.

The story of Pétale de Grenache is also linked to that of our Affranchis Wine Club. During the event in Burgundy in March 2023, participants were able to suggest names for this rosé! So, in every way, it’s a wine for free-spirited people.

There’s no need to wait for summer to enjoy this rosé: Pétale de Grenache can be enjoyed all year round!

DIVINEO, four-handed creations

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