Event in Burgundy: A look back at the Affranchis’ gathering

The Affranchis on the path to divine secrets: review of the event

Saturday March 18 was a special day for the Affranchis Wine Club. It was the day of their first event of 2023! This day in Burgundy was particularly rich in encounters, discoveries and pleasure. So let us tell you all about it…

No fewer than 70 participants – founders, Ambassadors, Friends of the Club and members of the BSB Alumni network – gathered in Beaune for the first part of the event day. In teams, they first embarked on a rally through the town. Thanks to this activity, they were able to discover its emblematic places. All the while, they put their sense of observation and creativity to the test!

DIVINEO Affranchis wine club event

Then it was off to Chambolle-Musigny, to the cellar of Domaine Boursot Père et Fils, which will be joining the DIVINEO adventure from the 2023 vintage. The Boursot family and our winemakers Seiichi Saito Wang, Gabin and Thibaut Perrault, hosted a blind tasting of the highest calibre!

Participants had to identify 7 wines, including DIVINEO cuvées and wines from our winemakers. It was a challenging exercise for our teams! But the friendly, typically Burgundian atmosphere soon made them forget…

DIVINEO Affranchis Club event

Finally, the event came to a close at the Château de Gilly, where the prizes were awarded to the winning teams. The 90 guests then enjoyed a convivial dinner accompanied by DIVINEO wines.

DIVINEO event Burgundy château

We’re delighted to have brought participants together around the values of DIVINEO, and to have been able to introduce the project to some graduates of the Burgundy School of Business, one of our privileged partners.

Many thanks to the participants and to everyone who helped organize this event! We can’t wait for the next one…

DIVINEO, four-hands creations

Photos: Julia Pion