Nicolas Perrault: A family story

Meet our winemakers: Nicolas Perrault and his family

Over the past two weeks, you’ve become better acquainted with the winemakers behind our 2021 cuvées. But the DIVINEO adventure doesn’t stop there. New winemakers will be joining us for the coming vintages, and will also be expressing their know-how and creativity in our wines. Such is the case with Nicolas Perrault and his sons Gabin and Thibault, whom we meet today.

The Perrault family have been winemakers for several generations. In 2012, Nicolas took over 4 hectares of vines from the estate created by his grandfather in the 1940s. From these, he created an estate in his own name. These vines are located in the south of the Côte de Beaune, more precisely in the Maranges Premier Cru and Santenay appellations.

Nicolas has chosen a viticulture that respects the environment. This translates into biodynamic practices and manual harvesting. In his winery in Dezize-les-Maranges (a beautiful 15th-century building), he hand-selects the best bunches and often keeps the whole harvest. His vinifications are meticulous and tailor-made, to bring out the best of the terroir vintage after vintage. The result is generous, full-bodied, elegant red wines with a great aging potential.

DIVINEO winemaker Nicolas Perrault and his sons

Nicolas passes on his knowledge to his two sons (Thibault on the left, Gabin on the right), who work with him in both vineyard and cellar. So it’s as a family that they join us, to work on a new DIVINEO cuvée from the 2022 vintage, “Éclipse Blanche“. A particularly original cuvée, since it’s a white wine made from black grapes… We can’t wait to tell you more!

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