Vines in February: what’s going on?

Direct from our vines: pruning, maintenance and preparation

In February, the vines are in their winter resting phase. To survive the cold, the plant saves as much energy as possible… but this is not the case for winegrowers.

Winter is a decisive period for the coming vintage, during which the vines must be maintained and prepared. One of the most important tasks is pruning. The vine shoots are cut to regulate development and reduce the number of buds. The aim is to obtain bigger, juicier, richer bunches. In short, bunches that will produce quality wine!

In the Languedoc region, our winemaker Clodéric Prade opts for simple Guyot pruning. This means keeping a long wood with generally 5 to 8 buds, as well as a spur with 2 buds.

DIVINEO vines winter

Clodéric uses the shredded wood to make a “mulch“. In other words, a layer spread over the soil to protect it and bring it back to life. And rich, high-quality soil is good not only for the vines, but for the ecosystem as a whole!

As part of his agroforestry approach, Clodéric also takes advantage of winter to tend to the edges of his plots. This helps preserve biodiversity and combat the effects of global warming.

Pruning is already complete for certain grape varieties. In a few weeks’ time, as spring approaches, the vines will resume their vegetative cycle with the appearance of buds. Stay tuned!

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Photo : © Manuel Ribeiro – 123RF