Red grape varieties in DIVINEO wines

Discovering DIVINEO’s red grape varieties

DIVINEO is an alchemy of regions and talents, but also of grape varieties. Our Languedoc parcel is home to a wide range of grape varieties, from the most classic to the most original! This enables us to create unique blends, making the most of the qualities of each one. Today, we take a look at the red grape varieties used for the 2021 vintage.

DIVINEO vines red grapes

Syrah: a grape variety of prime importance for our first vintage, since it gives its name to two of our cuvées: Syrah Sauvage and Syrah de Robiac. An emblematic grape variety of the Rhône Valley, Syrah has spread internationally. It is known for producing full-bodied, colorful wines, with aromas of red and black fruits, violets and peppery notes.

Grenache Noir: this typically Mediterranean grape variety, originally from Spain, is of course the king of our Grenache Vieilles Vignes. It grows on vigorous, upright vines, and seduces with its power and roundness. Aromas include black fruit, coffee and spicy notes of garrigue.

Cinsault: The companion of Syrah in our Syrah Sauvage cuvée, Cinsault adds suppleness and lightness. Of Provençal origin and also a table grape, it can be recognized by its large bunches and large berries. We love its aromas of red fruit (redcurrant, raspberry…), dried fruit (hazelnut, almond…) and floral notes.

DIVINEO vines red grapes

These southern grape varieties, cultivated by our winemaker Clodéric Prade, are then vinified in Burgundy cellars and aged in barrels. This gives them a very different style from purely Languedoc wines, and excellent ageing potential.

See you next week to discover our white grape varieties!

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