White grape varieties in DIVINEO wines

Discovering DIVINEO’s white grape varieties

After presenting our red grape varieties, let’s move on to the white grape varieties used for the 2021 cuvées.

DIVINEO vines white grapes

Grenache Gris: Single-varietal Grenache Gris cuvées are rare on the market, yet this is the choice we made for our Insolente Grenache. We love this grape variety for its roundness, minerality and long finish. And also because it surprises us with its aromas of fennel, aniseed, almond and notes of honey or caramel.

Grenache Blanc: a source of full-bodied, powerful, warm wines, Grenache Blanc (“White Grenache”) transports us into an aromatic universe quite different from its cousin Gris. It is more reminiscent of green apple, pear and melon, with pleasant floral and dill notes. Best known for making vins doux naturels, it also makes very interesting dry wines.

Vermentino: combined with Grenache Blanc in our Cuvée Fusion Blanche, this Italian grape adds lightness and freshness. Also known as “rolle”, it is regularly found in Corsican vineyards and on the coast of Provence. It has fine, elegant aromas of white flowers, grapefruit, pear and green almond.

DIVINEO vines white grapes

Our winemaker Clodéric Prade cultivates all these grape varieties with respect for the environment. Thanks to agroforestry and organic farming practices, they perfectly express their natural qualities and terroirs.

Other white grape varieties have already been planted for future vintages. These include Roussanne, Picpoul, Maccabeu… with more to come! Eventually, our surface area of white grape varieties will exceed that of reds. We’ll be sure to tell you more!

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