FUSION BLANCHE 2022 : A revisited blend


In a few days’ time, we’ll introduce you to a new (and surprising!) cuvée from our 2022 vintage. It has just been bottled after a year and a half of ageing ! In the meantime, we’d like you to (re)discover the first cuvées, already available, from this vintage. Let’s start today with Fusion Blanche, a name you may not be familiar with.


Indeed, Fusion Blanche was one of the cuvées in our first vintage (2021). It was already appreciated for its contrasts between the finesse and floral character of Vermentino, and the power of Grenache Blanc. Always striving to improve and innovate, we decided to add a little Roussanne to the blend for the 2022 version. This grape variety, particularly common in the Rhône Valley, adds body to the wine with its aromas of apricot, hawthorn and honeysuckle.

The result of this revisited blend is the same characteristics that made us love Fusion Blanche 2021, but with even greater balance and aromatic complexity. Its white-gold color is brilliant and limpid. On the nose and palate, we travel through aromas of white flowers and fruit, with saline notes. An organic wine that can be enjoyed now or in a few years’ time, both on its own and with food.


The three Fusion Blanche grape varieties were grown by Clodéric Prade (Domaine d’Eriane) near Saint-Mamert-du-Gard. They grew on white and yellow marl soils. They then traveled to the winery of Julien Petitjean (Domaine de la Roseraie). He aged them as naturally as possible to preserve all the authenticity and subtleties of this blend. To top it all off, Fusion Blanche is grown using agroforestry and organic farming methods!

See you next week for a new article, on another cuvée blanche from our second vintage!

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