DIVINEO’s actions to protect the environment

Part 1 : In the vineyard

Our commitment to protecting nature

If freedom, high standards and sharing are the three fundamental values of DIVINEO, we could add protection of the environment to this list. Both in the vineyard and in the cellar, we do our utmost to limit our impact and preserve the ecosystems and resources that surround us.

Today, let’s head for the vineyard to discover our commitments and responsible practices.

DIVINEO vines white grapes nature protection


Our winegrower Clodéric Prade works in agroforestry. Numerous trees flourish around our vineyards. They provide a precious habitat for local fauna: insects, birds, rodents… And provide them with vital resources. In addition, the presence of trees enriches the soil, helping to protect living organisms.


By banning pesticides and herbicides, we protect soil quality. In fact, we’ve never used chemicals on any of our plots! It’s a rare opportunity that we’re determined to preserve. Agroforestry also limits the impact of climatic extremes on the soil. In winter, Clodéric spreads “mulch”, a layer of shredded wood (from pruning the vines). This enriches the soil with nutrients and encourages the growth of new life. Thanks to these efforts, the vines produce quality grapes year after year.


The natural conditions in our vineyards are very favorable. They provide our vines with the water they need. So there’s no need for irrigation! What’s more, the care we take with the soils means that water infiltrates better. The vines therefore have good reserves from which to draw, all the more so as our preserved plots enjoy a cool micro-climate.

DIVINEO Languedoc vineyard

In this way, guided by agorforestry and organic farming, we can obtain high-quality, aromatic grapes that perfectly represent their terroir of origin. All in a sustainable approach that protects the living. See you next week for the continuation of our environmental commitments, this time in the winery.

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