Seiichi Saito Wang, instinct and elegance

Meet our winemakers: Seiichi Saito Wang

After introducing you to Julien Petitjean , it’s time to meet the second winemaker to work on the DIVINEO 2021 vintage: Seiichi Saito Wang.

Seiichi’s passion for wine began when he was 22. He left Japan, where he had grown up, and perfected his viticulture and vinification techniques at various Burgundy estates. He then opened a restaurant in Beaune, but his wine-making aspirations never left him. Seiichi finally took the plunge in 2016, buying his own vineyards in Chorey-les-Beaune. Domaine Petit-Roy was born, with its 4.5 hectares of biodynamic vines.

Seiichi explains, “I started making wine, but I didn’t have any precise ideas.” So he makes his wines with a great deal of instinct and precision. He favors whole harvests, does not use new barrels to keep the tannins supple, and limits the addition of sulfites. The result: elegant, fine and, of course, natural wines.

DIVINEO winemaker Seiichi Saito Wang

These characteristics are reflected in the Grenache Vieilles Vignes cuvée he vinifies for DIVINEO. Seiichi gives time to the grapes grown by Clodéric Prade in the Languedoc region, with an 18-month ageing period. This brings lightness to a grape known for its power, and reflects Seiichi’s philosophy.

For him, old vines “are treasures”, and there’s no doubt that he knows how to sublimate them perfectly!

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