INSOLENTE GRENACHE 2022 : Even more insolent


Let’s continue our review of the 2022 cuvées already available from DIVINEO, after talking about Fusion Blanche last week. Today, we’re staying with white wines, but in a completely different register, with Insolente Grenache.

This cuvée, already very popular in its 2021 vintage, is a blend of Grenache Gris and Grenache Blanc. These grape varieties may be “cousins”, but they bring very distinct aromas. Those of the Grenache gris (which is more of a rosé) are very reminiscent of the South of France: fresh herbs, fennel, almonds and honey. Grenache Blanc, on the other hand, is more reminiscent of white flowers, peach and melon. The link between these two grape varieties is found more in their power, roundness and length on the palate.

These southern grape varieties, cultivated by Clodéric Prade (Domaine d’Eriane) and vinified using the Burgundian techniques of Julien Petitjean (Domaine de la Roseraie), give Insolente Grenache a wine with a nuanced structure. The first thing you notice is its pretty gold color with gray highlights. Then the nose of citrus fruits (combava, lemon…) and jasmine flowers seduces us. The palate surprises us with its intensity and freshness, but also with its “Umami” flavors, which are very unusual, especially in wines from the South. The long, saline finish wins us over. Insolente Grenache should be drunk well chilled, now or in a few years’ time.

The insolence of this cuvée lies in its ability to combine power, gourmandise and unprecedented flavors in a light wine, at just 11° alcohol! To make it even better, Insolente Grenache is certified organic and cultivated using agroforestry methods.

We’ll be back next week to talk about our not-quite-rosé, Pétale de Grenache. But also to introduce you to our brand-new cuvée! Prepare to be surprised…

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