ECLIPSE BLANCHE 2022: A cuvée like no other

The time has finally come to present our long-awaited new 2022 cuvée. And as promised, we’ve pushed back our limits in terms of originality and uniqueness. Discover Eclipse Blanche, our white wine made from black grapes.

As you know, daring and taking risks to open up new worlds of sensations are part of DIVINEO’s DNA. After creating several cuvées of whites, reds and even a rosé that isn’t quite a rosé (see here), we set ourselves the challenge of making a white wine from the Grenache noir grape.

It was not two, but three winemakers who brought this idea to life, and gave birth to Eclipse Blanche. First of all, Clodéric Prade, our Languedoc winemaker, who cultivated and harvested the Grenache Noir, guided by his agroforestry principles. Then two winemakers, Julien Petitjean and Nicolas Perrault (who owns an estate in Dezize-les-Maranges). Nicolas signs with Eclipse Blanche his first cuvée for DIVINEO. They matured their wines separately for a year and a half, each with their own touch and know-how, before blending them to bring out the best in each.

The result is a wine that offers unique sensations, with a fine balance between freshness and deliciousness. We love its beautiful golden color with copper highlights, its citrus and pear aromas, and its saline finish with fine bitters. It is with great pride that we are now making available 10,000 bottles of this off-the-beaten-track cuvée.

Wondering how we managed to create a white wine from black grapes? Join us next week to discover all the secrets behind Eclipse Blanche!

DIVINEO, four-handed creations

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