Julien Petitjean, between tradition and freedom

Meet our winemakers: Julien Petitjean

Today, we’re off to Burgundy, and more specifically Nolay, to meet one of our winemakers: Julien Petitjean.

After several years’ experience in the vineyards, Julien finally set up his own business in 2012. He heads up Domaine de la Roseraie, a 3-hectare estate on the Côte de Beaune. Here, he makes his wines with passion and as a family, with the greatest respect for tradition and biodiversity.

In the vineyards, he works with biodynamics, in harmony with nature, to which he gives a central role. In fact, he gives nature time to do its work, preserves its balance and opts for minimalist techniques. By using neither synthetic pesticides nor chemical fertilizers, he allows the terroirs to express themselves fully.

Then, in the cellar, Julien simplifies his vinifications as much as possible. He uses short macerations and semi-carbonic infusions, and abolishes crushing, punching down and pumping over. He also chooses indigenous yeasts and eliminates or reduces to the strict minimum the dosage of sulfites.

For Julien, it’s ancestral methods that will make the wines of the future. As he himself says: “I preferred to learn the winegrowing trade from old men on the verge of retirement. I opted for knowledge, not know-how.

The values of freedom and simplicity that drive him are evident in the 4 cuvées he has created for DIVINEO’s 2021 vintage. Julien Petitjean’s winemaking in Burgundy, combined with Clodéric Prade’s viticulture in the Languedoc, has given birth to Fusion Blanche, Insolente Grenache, Syrah Sauvage and Syrah de Robiac.

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