PÉTALE DE GRENACHE 2022 : A rosé that doesn’t claim to be one


Last week, we let you rediscover Fusion Blanche and Insolente Grenache 2022, two white cuvées that were already part of our 2021 range. But thanks to increased volumes and the expansion of our team of winemakers, we were also fortunate in this 2022 vintage to be able to innovate, take on new challenges and offer new wines with even greater freedom. We wanted to create a rosé, a type of wine symbolizing conviviality, lightness and happy moments. But we also wanted DIVINEO rosé to be a gastronomic wine with a distinctive style, just like our whites and reds. And so Pétale de Grenache was born, a rosé we don’t really think of as such.

Pétale de Grenache 2022 rosé


Already, its color is unusual for a rosé : a deep pink like grapefruit juice. Bright and clean, it arouses curiosity. The nose is highly aromatic, with redcurrant, citrus, violet and jasmine. On the palate, a unique alliance of gourmandise and freshness is revealed. Pétale de Grenache is full-bodied, with candy-like acidity. Drink well chilled and aerate before tasting. This rosé can be drunk as an aperitif or with fine dishes (fish, poultry, Mediterranean vegetables, tasty cheeses…). As a bonus, it’s available in 75cL and magnum formats to suit every occasion.


Pétale de Grenache is a four-handed creation. It is the fruit of the work and expertise of our Languedoc winegrower Clodéric Prade, who cultivated the Grenache noirs from which this rosé is made, and our Burgundy winemaker Julien Petitjean. A 14-month ageing period has given this cuvée its distinctive characteristics.

The story of Pétale de Grenache is also linked to that of our Affranchis Wine Club. During the event in Burgundy in March 2023, participants were able to suggest names for this rosé! So, in every way, it’s a wine for free-spirited people.

There’s no need to wait for summer to enjoy this rosé: Pétale de Grenache can be enjoyed all year round!

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