Les Affranchis s’invitent au musée de Montmartre – EN

Montmartre museum

This event gathered more than 90 people from the Affranchis Club at the Montmartre museum! For this DIVINEO evening, we wanted to combine art and wine. What’s better than the museum where the only vines in Paris are located

We tell you everything!

vines of Montmartre

After a glass of wines, our guests had the opportunity to participate in three different activities… The first was a guided tour of the museum where they explored the secrets of this place with the explanation of Jérôme, their guide.

guided tour of the museum

The aim of the second multisensory activity was to explore the senses involved in tasting: sight, smell and taste. It was about recognizing the colors and aromas of wine, as well as understanding how food influences a wine.

multisensory activity

The different teams concluded with a blind tasting of 6 wines, with the winegrowers as animators and magnums of Grenache Vieilles Vignes as a rewards for the winning group! Congratulations again to the group of Paul, Mathilde, Olivier, Agnès, Karine and Fredo! 👏🏼

blind tasting

We concluded this moment with a tasting of the new 2022 vintage led by Olivier and Clodéric. Our guests were able to taste Insolente Grenache, Fusion Blanche, Pétal de grenache and discover our prestigious vintage: Grenache Vieilles Vignes.

our winemakers

Thank you all for coming, it was a pleasure to see you again or meet you! ✨

The next event?

Stay connected, an upcoming event in Burgundy will take place at the start of the year. See you soon!

DIVINEO, création à quatre mains